Anne-Marie Sénéchal-L’Homme
Biographie :

After several years spent in other parts of the world (Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Saudi Arabia) Anne-Marie Sénéchal-L’Homme unpacked her bags in Paris, becoming a partner of our firm in 2001. After having originally specialized in business law, at BMHAVOCATS she forged her sterling reputation in labor law.

Her studies as well as a three-year stay in Berlin attest to her attraction to Germany and its culture, which has led her to focus primarily on Franco-German relations before extending her centers of interest towards the anglo-saxon world.

At present, Anne-Marie Sénéchal-L’Homme provides support to company heads and human resources managers on all issues regarding labor law. Thanks to her professionalism and her more than 30 years’ experience, she is regularly solicited for advice as well as litigation on high-stake files: restructuring, collective disputes, institutional harassment, etc.

Langues :
French, German English, Russian