Sébastien Canton
Biographie :

Sébastien Canton has been involved for more than ten years in the energy sector, particularly in major infrastructure projects for the production and distribution of electricity and gas from renewable energy sources (wind, photovoltaic, hydropower and biomass/biogas) and the energy efficiency of buildings.

Alongside Anouk Darcet-Felgen, he advises and assists national and international energy producers and suppliers, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of installations and equipment and large public and private consumers on all aspects of their operations.

Sébastien has developed expertise in drafting and negotiating contracts for the construction and operation of gas and electricity production and distribution facilities, auditing infrastructure projects in the renewable energy sector, responding to calls for tenders organised by the Energy Regulatory Commission, renovation and improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings, as well as compliance in the energy sector and issues related to changes in industry legislation and regulations. He also assists his clients before the judicial and administrative courts, as well as before regulatory authorities and in mediation/arbitration proceedings.


Langues :
French, German, English