Martin Hauser on the red carpet of Cannes


For the 71st Cannes Festival from May 8th to 19th, 2018, Martin Hauser from BMHAVOCATS will on May 15th, 2018 walk down the red carpet of Cannes together with Stéphane Brizé‘s film crew “At War” (“En Guerre“) bearing the French-German colors of this film competing for the Golden Palm as best feature film 2018.

Concerned about the current social-economic issues and the implications of the cross-border business world, Martin Hauser performs the role of the German CEO of the group against Vincent Lindon as French union leader. This committed film looks at the closure of a company in France and the dismissal of 1100 people. It highlights the protagonists perceptions about the reality of a current social-economic malaise on both sides of the Rhine, while highlighting the complexity of the business environment in which they evolve and the stakes of the globalization effects.



Three years after “The Measure of a Man” (“La loi du Marché”), which allowed the charismatic Vincent Lindon to win the best actor award, Stéphane Brizé, comes back to Cannes alongside his favorite actor. As a result of their fourth collaboration, “At War” (“En Guerre”) features a union leader strongly determined to save the employees of an automotive supplier making profits, facing the closure of their company despite years of sacrifice.

Trailer « At war » / « En Guerre » :