Contracts / Competition / Consumer Rights


It is the contract that must adapt to the economic reality, not the opposite.

In an economic environment marked by increasingly complex regulation, BMHAVOCATS assists and advises its clients in the drafting and negotiation of all types of contracts, as well as in the fields of competition and consumer law.
Backed by solid experience in the rules and constraints governing contractual relations between economic operators in France, we participate actively in defining commercial strategies. Our in-depth knowledge of the business activity and challenges specific to each of our clients enables us to propose the best adapted solution, even when this means going off the beaten path. The same concern for “tailor-made” service guides us in the drafting, negotiation and implementation of contractual solutions or in the context of conflictual situations.

BMHAVOCATS’ fields of expertise include the following:

  • distribution networks and international commercial contracts,
  • commercial negotiation and pricing policy within the company,
  • follow-up of annual negotiations (industry/trade relations),
  • advice and assistance in competition surveys and management of disputes before competition authorities,
  • information to consumers, regulations on price display and labelling,
  • drafting of general terms and conditions,
  • regulations on games and contests and other means of promoting sales.

Fields of intervention:

  • Mass retail and mobility services providers
  • Manufacturers and importers of mass retail products
  • Engineering services providers and automotive subcontractors
  • Luxury and Art

Recent missions:

  • Reworking of a standard franchise contract and of the general terms and conditions for a network of mobility services providers.
  • Support in the drafting of a “single convention” with national brands.
  • Advice on rules applicable to a retailer’s brands.
  • Assistance during a European investigation of the European Commission.
  • Representation and defence of the manufacturer and/or retailer of consumer products in the context of accusations by the government of non-compliance of said products with French regulations.
  • Representation and defence of a retailer on rules for price display.
  • Guide and training on compliance.