German Corporate Law


Consultations in German corporate law, in your language and your culture.

Do you have a project or business activity in Germany? The members of BMHAVOCATS are trained in German and French law, and many of them have a double competence as Rechtsanwalt and Avocat au Barreau de Paris.

BMHAVOCATS supports its clients in their projects across the Rhine. From Paris, we offer a convenient “single window” that takes into account cultural specificities and responds to demands relating to German corporate law. When necessary, we work in conjunction with independent partner firms in Germany with which we have cooperated for many years.

In addition to our commitment to Franco-German relations as part of our consultancy activities, we are very active in the circle of Franco-German associations (DAV Frankreich, ACE, Commission juridique de la Chambre de commerce franco-allemande, Club Economique franco-allemand) in which we intervene regularly. We are also engaged in a Franco-German double training programme offered between the Universités de Paris I and the University of Cologne, one of the directors of which is Of Counsel of BMHAVOCATS.

BMHAVOCATS’ expertise includes support to our clients in the following:

  • their establishment in Germany: creation of companies, administrative formalities, follow-up of company law,
  • their commercial relations: negotiating all types of contracts, defending their interests before arbitral tribunals and state courts, and more widely, in commercial law,
  • their investment projects: acquisitions, transfers and company restructuring, joint ventures, advice on the regulatory system, follow-up of mother-daughter relations and financing of projects, restructuring of German subsidiaries,
  • their real estate investments: buying and selling of buildings or real estate companies.

Recent missions:

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Advice to a large French group and some of its subsidiaries (US, India and Asia) on projects for the acquisition of companies in Germany.
  • Advice to industrial supply companies on the acquisition of two family-owned companies in Germany (due diligence, negotiation of acquisition contracts, post-closing, negotiation of German securities).
  • Advice to French companies in the renewable energies sector on the acquisition of a German company, negotiation of German securities.
  • Advice to an international group in the merger of its French and German subsidiaries.
  • Consulting and representation of a financial investor in litigation resulting from a failed investment.

 Real estate 

  • Advice to French listed companies in the creation and transfer of joint-venture companies for the construction of shopping centres in Germany.
  • Advice to French listed companies in the sale of buildings / real estate companies in Berlin.
  • Advice to French companies on aspects of German regulations applicable to real estate funds opened in the context of real estate projects in Germany.
  • Support to a French construction company during a legal expertise procedure in Germany, and in litigation opposing it to the German project owner.


  • Advice to an automotive supplier on various trade disputes in Germany
  • Advice to a French industrialist on questions of German law in the context of a dispute in France.


  •  Co-arbitrator in ICC arbitration between a German group and a French group during the construction of several power plants on Reunion Island and in the French West Indies.
  • Advice to a German wind turbine manufacturer during ICC arbitration concerning the construction of several wind farms in France.
  •  Sole arbitrator in ICC arbitration between a Togolese company and a Franco-German conveyor manufacturer.
  •  President in DIS (Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit) arbitration between a Swiss pharmaceutical producer and a Bulgarian distributor.