Berlin Campus “Digital and Legal Tech: Franco-German Cross Perspectives”




On 31 January 2019 the next Berlin Campus “Digital and Legal Tech: Franco-German Cross Perspectives” will take place, organised by the Barreau de Paris (Ordre des avocats de Paris) & Deutscher Anwaltverein

Among the speakers: Dr. Antje Luke, President of the Deutscher Anwaltverein, will participate in the round table on corporate law and financing on “The development of start-ups”.


International Campus Germany in Berlin

Since 2013, the Paris Bar has been organising international Campuses, which are the main focus of its international action in different regions of the world. The objective of these Campuses is to promote inter-barrel cooperation, the sharing of legal knowledge and economic development.

The international campuses are intended to bring together representatives of the profession as well as colleagues from the region concerned but also all legal professionals, academics, companies and public decision-makers.

On 31 January and 1 February 2019, the Bar Association is organising an international digital campus in Berlin in partnership with Deutscher Anwaltverein. This programme is designed around the legal issues generated by technological developments and is part of the legal cooperation between France and Germany.

The first international campus organised by the Paris Bar in Germany, this scientific and institutional event is intended for an audience of French and German professionals who wish to benefit from expert training in innovative fields, in a resolutely comparative and practical perspective.

Source: Campus Berlin website


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