Being as close as possible to operators in the energy sector in order to respond concretely to problems that may arise at any stage of their activities.

Advice to companies and public national and international institutions in the field of conventional and renewable energies (wind turbines, solar panels, biomass/biogas, marine energies, geothermal). For more than fifteen years, BMHAVOCATS has developed a resolutely multidisciplinary approach in order to support its clients in conducting their operations.

The experience acquired by BMHAVOCATS in the field of energy enables us to understand, in a concrete manner, the aspects – of public and private law – of a transaction or project. We also possess extensive experience in pre-litigation and litigation cases before all judicial, administrative and arbitral jurisdictions, as well as before independent administrative authorities and mediation bodies. The closeness and responsiveness of our team on a human scale make it possible to create the flexibility needed by operators in the energy sector in order to successfully carry out their business activities.

Our firm is a member of several organisations and associations of professionals in the energy sector (Association Française de Droit de l’Energie (AFDEN), France Energie Eolienne (FEE), Office franco-allemand pour les énergies renouvelables (OFAEnR), Associated European Energy Consultants (AEEC)) and we regularly contribute to their publications on current topics.

BMHAVOCATS fields of expertise include the following :

  • support to clients in all phases of projects, from construction to commissioning of installations,
  • legal audit,
  • drafting and negotiating contracts,
  • conflict resolution.

Fields of intervention:

BMHAVOCATS advises all operators in the energy sector: energy producers and suppliers, project leaders, owners, developers, project managers, builders, equipment suppliers, subcontractors, bank investors, investment funds and national and international public institutions.

Missions récentes :

  • Advice to one of the most important producers of electricity in the United Kingdom in the acquisition of a portfolio of wind farm projects in France representing total installed power of 95 MW.
  • Advice to one of the most important manufacturers of solar cells in the world and supplier of “turnkey” solar power plants for the creation of two of the largest power plants in France, representing total installed power of 22.4 MWc.
  • Advice to a German group among the worldwide leaders in the production of solar modules and builder of solar installations on the ground and rooftop in the acquisition of project companies for the development of solar installations representing total installed power of 17 MWc.
  • Advice to the French subsidiary of a German group in drafting and negotiating contracts necessary for the construction of two wind farms.
  • Advice to one of the most important manufacturers of wind turbines concerning wind farm operations in a pre-litigation context.
  • Advice to one of the largest worldwide producers of plastics, chemical products and refined petroleum products in litigation against the operator of a network for the transport of natural gas.
  • Advice to several electric power brokers in the context of mediations on their exclusion from the Energy Exchange.
  • Advice to a public authority in the context of the study of possible legal foundations in order to the end prolonged operations of basic nuclear installations.
  • Advice to a large public institution for international cooperation and development aid as co-leader of a consortium aiming to conduct a study on the feasibility of a pilot project to import electricity produced by installations using renewable energy sources located in Morocco as part of the implementation of article 9 of Directive n. 2009/28/CE of 23 April 2009 for the promotion of renewable energies.

Classification 2017 “LEGAL 500 Paris”: Recommended