Who we are?

BMHAVOCATS : a global vision, tailor-made strategies.

Co-founded in Paris in 1988 by Detlev von Breitenstein and Martin Hauser, BMHAVOCATS is an independent, multidisciplinary business law firm that brings together twenty lawyers, including ten partners. In France as well as internationally, BMHAVOCATS assists investors, companies and innovative entrepreneurs in developing their projects and resolving their conflicts.

We offer tailor-made solutions that are the fruit of a global vision and a daily, personalised commitment to serving our clients.

Our Fundamental Values

Multicultural approach

Multicultural approach.
German in origin, BMHAVOCATS has evolved in an increasingly international context. Today, our lawyers, all multilingual, accompany their clients in Europe and all other continents. In order to take up this challenge, we combine our pluridisciplinary and multicultural expertise with the knowledge of transnational environments and a worldwide network of independent patners.


For us the human aspect comes first.
BMHAVOCATS is a law firm on a human scale. Our size nourishes the drive for closeness to which we are particularly attached. Because quality contact is the key to a successful collaboration, we develop enduring, privileged relations with our clients, based on  responsiveness and trust.


We are there for you.
Our commitment to you goes beyond legal support. The quality of our counsel is based on our involvement and availability. For us, a perfect understanding of your company is the determining factor of superior-quality service.

A proactive approach

We don’t just respond to your needs, we anticipate them.
Knowing your environment perfectly enables us not only to respond to your objectives over the long term, but also to anticipate your needs. Managing deadlines, rapid mobilisation and execution are the key words of our commitment at your side.


We play as a team.
The complementary nature of our professional backgrounds, our skills and our experience nourish the life of BMHAVOCATS on a daily basis. United around a shared conception of the profession, we favour teamwork and the synergies capable of bringing forth the legal solutions best suited to your needs.


We do not stop at a merely technical solution.
We all share a passion for our profession. That is why we do not deliver “standard” strategies. Each situation is unique and requires a pragmatic and innovative response. In order to perfectly respond to your objectives, we conceive “tailor-made” legal solutions. We put our creativity in the service of our legal expertise.


Emphazise on human
and professionnal qualities

Antje Luke


Arbitration / Mediation / Negotiation
Arbitration / Mediation / Negotiation
Building the best strategy together so that the judicial route not become an automatic solution.
Life Sciences
Life Sciences
Direct and simple support in an increasingly complex regulatory context.
Being as close as possible to operators in the energy sector in order to respond concretely to problems that may arise at any stage of their activities.
German Corporate Law
German Corporate Law
Consultations in German corporate law, in your language and your culture.
Public Business Law
Public Business Law
Highlight the impact of public law rules on the projects and strategy of its clients, French and foreign public and private companies...
Defective Product Liability
Defective Product Liability
BMHAVOCATS advises all types of private and public, national or European companies.
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property
Supporting creativity and innovation in cross-border relations.
Labour Law
Labour Law
Focus on understanding the company in order to propose the best adapted solutions.
Contracts / Competition / Consumer Rights
Contracts / Competition / Consumer Rights
It is the contract that must adapt to the economic reality, not the opposite.
Restructuring / Collective Proceedings
Restructuring / Collective Proceedings
Devise effective crisis recovery optimising collection for the client while ensuring the durability of the debtor’s business activity.
Mergers – Acquisitions – Corporate Law
Mergers – Acquisitions – Corporate Law
Personal and creative support: a pragmatic approach respectful of cultural specificities.
Commercial Leases / Construction
Commercial Leases / Construction
The commercial concept comes first, the legal aspect follows.
Assisting in domestic or international transactions and structurings.


Kurzfristiger Einsatz und Entsendung von Mitarbeitern nach Frankreich, Dezember 2018

Bei Geschäften über die eigenen Landesgrenzen beachten viele nicht, dass sowohl deutsche Vorschriften wie auch die Regelungen des Entsendelandes zu beachten sind. Diese wurden 2015 in Frankreich verschärft und die Unternehmen sehen sich immer mehr mit neuen Vorschriften konfrontiert: Informationen über Mitarbeiter sollen übermittelt, ein lokaler Vertreter benannt und datenintensive Unterlagen eingereicht oder vorgehalten werden. Auch müssen vorab spezifische Rahmenbedingungen [...]


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